Trentemoller - The Last Resort

Maybe easily envied by some people, also very appreciated by others, this artist represents one of the successful models of a career in the electronic music that burst at a time, when very few were expecting this. Anders Trentemoller has imposed himself step by step; with each new track that was throwing away, the sound was unique, the composition pattern was unique, and today his album 'The Last Resort' sees the light of the day to one of the most prestigious dance music record labels around, Poker Flat.

If we may say that Trentemoller is a heavy minimalist, it means we are blaming his music. DJ and electronic music producer, he succeeded in keeping his name afloat, and his music didn't fail and cracked hardy the monthly wave of digital and vinyl music from the record shops. His last achievement is this album which he worked more than one year for, since it contains many tracks, nicely arranged into a CD. Last year's 'best newcomer' is today's well known and prolific artist. If anybody expects some music to dance to from this album, they might be disappointed, or maybe just surprised. Trentemoller composed through this material a wonderful journey between downtempo, trip hop, electronica, new age, chill-out, trip hop and breaks influences, everything under the belt of an electronic sound.

It has often been said that it's trendy to make chill-out music today and that many of the guys don't have a clue about what they are doing. Called chill-out or just simple electronic music for listening at home, or in the car, or anywhere else a bit more private, 'The Last Resort' is an album which will bring for sure warmness, melody, a smile more or less melancholic and nostalgic, sadness or happiness; feelings more profound than the ones which given by the music you listen in the club, when you want to dance, to move, to feel energy and vitality. Besides the main CD, the album also contains a bonus CD in limited edition, where the listeners can discover the excellent tracks Always Something Better (with Richard Davis) and Moan (alongside the vocalist Anne Trolle). Strangers and Miss You, some of the most profound musically evolved tunes. Some other tunes which worth to be mentioned are The Very Last Resort and Snowflake, a fusion between electronica and ambient – a futuristic sound (what can still be futuristic at the beginning of the third millennium?), sunken and sweet, but in the same time abstract and hard to be understood. Maybe it shouldn't be found any explanation and reasons for this album, but simply let the music flow.

The bonus CD also contains some tunes that Trentemoller released through the time on Poker Flat and Audiomatique, so those whom will catch the entire package can be satisfied. This album doesn't want to motivate anything, but only can be considered a break of relax and meditation. 'The Last Resort' speaks about the human side of Trentemoller and also of anybody which feels the electronic music.

Trentemoller - The Last Resort


Pokerflat Recordings




October 2 2006


October 12, 2006 at 10:47 AM CEST


Dragos R

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