Balance 010 - Jimmy Van M

The next installment from the Balance series comes from a man who did a lot for the electronic dance music. Alongside with Sasha and John Digweed, Jimmy Van M is mostly popular for his mix CD back in 2001 on Bedrock, the Delta Heavy Tour, a unique style of music and a personal approach, which reflects the best his personality upon this brand new three mix CD, Balance 010.

The first CD is Jimmy's most brainwave process to include the fantastic donwtempo "Ethyopia" produced by Bill Laswell. He continued with another tune from this artist, called "Babylon Ghost". The entire first CD is a blow-minding session of mellow rhythms and dreamy melodic lines. From the fantastic guitars by Future Sound of Clapton to the nostalgic and sad "Autumn Leaves" by Coldcut, Jimmy tries to express his other side, through melody, warmness and tenderness. The presence of Nathan Fake is felt with his "Falmer", but the shine of the mix is indeed Boards of Canada's Dayvan Cowboy, an excellent chill out song. If anybody pays attention of the tracklist of this first CD, it might be discovered new influences in Jimmy's music that he wanted to expose; with names like Depeche Mode, Boards of Canada, Brian Eno and many others. The entire mix is a beautiful and hallucinant trip between sounds, melodies, sweet bass lines, orchestras, amazing vocals, chords, all mixed up in a continuous DJ mix. This downtempo session should be considered the bonus mix of this compilation, since the tracks inside have so much to say.

The midtempo is the bridge between the downtempo and the uptempo mixes. It's refreshing, starting off with some trip hop and downtempo tunes from Miles Tillman and later Jimmy's studio partner Steve T. After Adam Johnson' s intense tracks, it's time to feature the BPitch Control hero Ellen Allien and Apparat with the massive Bubbles track from the "Orchestra of Bubbles". There are still a few surprises on this second mix; Boards of Canada joins again, this time with a much energetic track which will delight the listeners. The second half of the mix is being defeated by some minimal and deep house tunes from Aphex Twin, (the Fabric 30 maker) and LCD Soundsystem. The mix ends up with the pretty good house tune by Underworld, remixing the Cool Kids of Death by Saint Etienne.

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Balance 010 - Jimmy Van M






October 30 2006


October 10, 2006 at 11:33 AM CEST


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