Various Artists - Multi Vitamins 04

Multi Vitamins is a little bit more than just a label. It holds weekly & monthly events with live-acts, djs and visuals. It was created in 2004 in London and it's trying to promote young djs and producers from the spheres of minimal music. It also has a net-label called Multi where the fans can find free downloads for easy listening, electronica, experimental and minimal music.

This EP contains 4 tracks with different influences, from 4 talented producers' citizens of countries like: Argentina, Italy and France.

The EP starts with a major track by Bruno Pronsato, The River, seen thru the eyes of an emerging talent from Argentina: Sr. Replicante. He produced a glitchier version, with high frequency hi-hats, a deflated bass and some alien sounds in the background. We still have that male voice creating that: "come to dance atmosphere".

The second track from this side, Massi DL - Ravanel le Prantosh comes from a talented producer from Naples – Italy. It has a prickly deep bass-line, lots of clicks, and some nice arrangements of vocal loops coming from the Chicago-house family.

The other side of the vinyl starts with a heavy track by Marco Shuttle, called Not Today. The Italian producer created the perfect after-party journey, among contrasting sounds: deep & shallow, warm & cold, scary & friendly which make that full of power bass from the beginning of the track to get lost.

B2 Sounds4peace with the track Images de Debussy it's an experimental track with a chill-out effect. It brings sudden variations of the rhythm, and has as a dominating sound that of a lonely piano.

It's a great vinyl, perfect for a dark dance floor, but also for home listening for those who like to hear new sounds.

Various Artists - Multi Vitamins 04


Multivitamins Records


MV 04


August 23 2006


September 27, 2006 at 1:59 PM CEST


Vlad Vancia

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