Matt Samuels - One AM

The second release from Sequential Records comes from a talented newcomer, Matt Samuels. With releases for Innovate Recordings, Deeper Substance and Sequential among others, Matt is ready to hit the scene with this new three track package, One AM.

One AM is a shacking electro groove, with a rhythm pattern that you almost can't resist. It works just great in a club session and makes everybody dance if it is played at the right moment. Hard, massive and uplifting, this tune makes the public feel some good vibes, and it's also a good track for home.

Two AM is deeper and softer. It's not a main track, it works better at the warm up set or in the after hours. The track builds up a great deep house rhythm with an excellent bass line and some gentle riffs and samples.

The third production is Want 2 Ride and consists of an electro house completed by some energetic grooves. It has rhythm, it has kicks and it has power. A little bit bold and monotone, the track has an excellent rhythm, but is less consistent in other melodic elements. I would apply for the previous tune.

Sequential is an offshoot of Innovate Recordings, a label where Matt Samuels will release also some exciting fresh tunes. The growing wave of interest ultimately led Matt having his tracks signed to strong independent labels; the likes of Plastic Fantastic, Apache/Nascent, Hype, One Shot and Captured Music all picked up on Matt's production ability at an early stage.

Matt Samuels - One AM


Sequential Records


SEQ 002


October 2006


September 23, 2006 at 3:59 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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