Nutown Project & K.Atou - Cracked Poisson

Under an unlucky release number: 013, Jaycee (Nutown.Project) and Katie_m (K.atou) successfully created a deep minimal techno EP. that swept away any chance of bad luck. This EP is a result of many hours spent on discussions between this two great DJ's and producers. Jaycee was born in Belgium, he runs a label called: Re:code Muzik and it's doing live-acts all over the world. Katie was born in Athens, she is djing since 2000 and now she is behind the underground scene of minimal techno from Greece.

This two tracks: A side – Poison D Avril and B side – Petite Chose come both with that deeper sound so peculiar to Einmalieins label witch makes heavy damage on the dance floor.

The first one has a shy entrance but after a few seconds the bouncy bass-line takes control. With some very sharp hi-hats and a nice modulated sound it has a pushy feeling that will push your limits. This track it's about loops and what they can do under a creative mind.

On the other side we find a more dynamic and deeper track: Petite Chose. With some nicely marked snares and a "monster scream" it's a perfect track for peak times. Deep under you can hear a cut male voice loop trying to make itself heard.

It's an EP based on loops and they're arrangement. Nutown Project & K.atou is a project where two artists managed to cross the boundaries between they're countries and create something unique.

Nutown Project & K.Atou - Cracked Poisson






September 2006


September 23, 2006 at 3:38 PM CEST


Vlad Vancia

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