Hernan Cerbello - Dot Groovy

Global Scum Digital starts off with a cheesy progressive house release coming from Hernan Cerbello. 'Dot Groovy' consists in two remixes besides the original mix which is a classic progy cut for progressive supporters.

Original mix begins easy, with a kick that doesn't announce many things, but the surprise may come with the appearance of the melodic line, evolved and deep, in a progressive house manner. There are classic clips, synths and a nostalgic rhythm; I say classic because this tune sounds like the beginnings of progressive house when everybody was excited and was enjoying this kind of sound.

John E & Bart Cruz provide a slower remix, calm and peaceful. The nice pattern contrast with most of the rhythm, but some jazzy synths are there to cherish the track. It's a warm and simple production that I don't think anybody would take all the chances to hear it in a club. Better try it at home first.

Stephan Hinz is an artist who has been imposing himself lately with some quiet well done productions, and I think he goes from strength to strength. I also think that the trend in music is a superficial manner to evaluate a release. That's why Stephanie didn't make a very different remix from the previous mixes. It's still progressive house with a few new improvements on the bass line.

The digital platform from Global Scum has started with this release, so, as music is for anybody, we definitely shall say a big welcome to the newcomers.

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Hernan Cerbello - Dot Groovy


Global Scum Digital




August 07 2006


September 23, 2006 at 1:47 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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