Seph - Wooden EP

Seph, Sebastian Galante by his real name, the young producer from Argentina has done it again. No matter under which label he's releasing the productions: Igloo-Recordings, Telegraph, Phonocult he never abandons the deep dark sounds that made him so loved among the minimal-techno DJ's and fans. This time with Wooden EP he goes even darker. It's a very bond EP, this 4 tracks: A1 Wooden, A2 Schinn, B1 Mach Sex and B2 Arena are linked like 4 chapters from the same book. Each track with it's own apogee.

Wooden is the least darker track but still for many it will be more than enough. With a blippy bass-line and a dramatic arrangement of many ghostly sounds it's definitely a killer production. Just like ghosts they come out of nowhere and until you notice them, they are long time gone.

Starting in a somehow churchy manner Schinn has a heavy attitude. We have here a more powerful and deeper bass. The main role is played by different types of snares and cold sounds creating a very dark atmosphere. Mach Sex (machines having sex)continues the same dark cold atmosphere with come & go sounds and a bouncy rhythm. The bass-line here is even deeper, Seph ensuring himself that you will hear this track with you're heart rather than you're ears.

In Arena the producer uses more warmer and friendly sounds, inviting you at a nice but also spooky game in an abandoned playground on a full moon, covered with heavy clouds, night. The ghostly sounds are also present, a special one is a trill of a scared bird.

These are definitely tracks you want to hear or play in a minimal lighted club with a lot of smoke. No matter which part of a dj-set you'll hear them they will have maximum effect.

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September 23, 2006 at 1:11 PM CEST


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