Full Body Workout volume 3

Get Physical was created somewhere around five years ago in tribute to the dance floor, in memory of M.A.N.D.Y.'s first meeting and for their love of music. M.A.N.D.Y. is Patrick Bodmer and Phillip Jung, two close friends who made this label for spread their and their friends' music to any electronic music addicted. After many releases, Get Physical has reached now the 55th release, which contains a double vinyl with eight tracks, some of the hottest additions of the label.

Full Body Workout volume 3 is not a compilation, is a physical journey through eight massive tunes coming from new rising starts but also from electronic music high names. The A side brings the Italian producer Slok with a cheesy remix for Elbee Bad and the track Just Don't Stop to Dance, and the A2 consists in the tech-house tune Monkey Mood from the Swiss producer Zwicker. Guitar samples, electronic bass lines, a shaking rhythm and some cool atmosphere insight is the recipe of this great production. The track moves from the tech-house beats at the first half into a fantastic short breakdown containing samples from the sounds of forest; a really natural influences coming from the profound roots of the mother nature.

Belgian producer Jona started to hit the dance floor with some great releases lately, including this remix for Daso's Daybreak. Sitting comfortable on the B side of the first disc, this deep house experience is a great opportunity for the listeners to relax while enjoying an excellent and fancy riff with a deep rhythm. DJ Lava is the one who completes the first disc with his techno acid mind track, named Just You. The dark and deep melody fits well with the simple kick arrangement, while the low bass line is kept in its monotone and bold shape all the way long.

The second disc begins with the UK based DJ and producer Williams and his electronic child named Doing the Right Thing. Subtle and minimal, the complicated riffs and rhythm pattern is making this track to shine through the rest of the double 12" EP. So Close So Far is the latest achievement from Einzelking, a Frankfurt talent who just created this buzz for Get Physical. Discemi is Jori Hulkkonen and Tuomas Salmela, the duo which conquered the D1 side of this second vinyl. Their inspired combination between a melodious electro riff and tech rhythm made a more than nice track, that kind of music which creates meditation and spiritual rewards. The collaboration between a tech-house master such as James Talk and more subtle electronic duo Audiofly is nothing much than a great result. In this case, the result is Cool Wet Grass, one of the best Get Physical latest trophies. A massive rhythm and great melodic line is what this excellent track contains so far. The beginning is almost outstanding, the track moves out from tech-house into a progressive breakdown and then back to the first rhythm.

With Full Body Workout, the Get Physical crew enlarged with some multi-talented artists and so, the family has grown a lot. We can look forward to something high quality from future Get Physical releases, since this "workout" body is so full of surprises.

Full Body Workout volume 3


Get Physical Music




September 2006


September 20, 2006 at 9:52 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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