Kid Blue - Hairy Sambuca

The fresh resident from Chew the Fat! nights in the London based club The End, Kid Blue aka Rory Natkiel has established himself as a breaks DJ in the past months, with his moving to London and the debut for Fat! Records. His debut called "Nothing to Lose" has gained big support from DJs such as Laurent Garnier, Hybrid, James Zabiela, Fergie, Pete Tong, Annie Nightingale, Elite Force and Meat Katie so far.

Hairy Sambuca is Kid Blue's latest achievement, a two-track monster craziness. The original is heavy; it starts with techno and moves to electro and house drums. The breakdown including vocals is deep and restarts the hot atmosphere of the track. This is that kind of "fast and furious" track which perfectly fits into a rough techno and hard session.

FAT! never disappointed when we speak about breaks music. Always delivering fresh stuff and massive breaks tunes from talented artists, the Kickflip remix of this release is another energetic breaks track. It conserves most of the original samples but it transforms them into high quality goodies. The rough bass line makes its presence felt even from the beginning and takes the track to a bouncing and very dynamic level.

The fresh London based Kid Blue is definitely a name to watch in the future, especially if you´re looking for tasty breaks and hard bass lines. Cool production, the breaks remix is indeed the one which represents the best of this Fat! release.

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Kid Blue - Hairy Sambuca


Fat! Records




September 11 2006


August 31, 2006 at 9:52 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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