Swag - Remix Tape Classics (Version 012)

Swag have always made proper underground tech house that happily sits beneath the electronic surface, distributing unique and tough house based constructs through their Version label since 1999. New styles are constantly trying to alter the electronic scene but it would seem that Swag remain unaffected by musical trends, preferring to concentrate on fine-tuning their version of house. Of course, external influences can be beneficial and the Version's Remix Tape project proves this point.

Chris Duckenfield and Richard Brown hand over the original version of Wilder Schlumpf to the gifted Rob Mello. His No Ears concepts are a pretty big deal in tech house circles and this dub is no exception. Rob re-arranges the original via jacking Classic style beats and a twisted top end riff. High quality double clap percussion punctuates the background groove whilst a big and flexible bass line drops in and out before dominating the track towards the final bars. Like with most of Rob Mello's No Ears offerings this should become a long-term fixture with the ever-increasing spectrum of tech based house followers.

The Half Inch version of Wilder Jack comes courtesy of the Swag boys themselves, and is the result of a live decks and gadgets re-wire session. The freestyle track is the hardest mix on show with distorted riff and bass injections. The intermittent percussion increases the live feel and also adds extra funk to this Half Inched project.

To complete the package the services of Freerange's Jamie O'Dell are enlisted. At present it would seem that whatever O'Dell's Jimpster moniker touches turns to deep tech house gold. And his mix of Drill Bit is, unsurprisingly, the pick of this round of Remix Tape Classics. Jimpster is a top purveyor of subtle Detroit influenced synths within a house music format and he once again applies this technique alongside a low end and hypnotising bass structure. Above the surface sweet percussion and varied musical components strengthen the deep feel of the track. 'Drill Bit' builds to an impressive conclusion thanks to an equalisation break that sweeps through with the help of a rave era vocal sample. Jimpster's remix is near perfect late night house music.

Swag - Remix Tape Classics (Version 012)






July 24 2006


August 27, 2006 at 4:53 PM CEST


Paul Pritchard

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