Digital Motion - Control EP

ADSR's debut release hit shelves back in 2004 and made a small, underground impact. The 'Automaton EP' contained solid Motor City sweeps generated from a unique UK perspective. The label is the produce of Digital Motion's (aka Chris Poacher and Owain K) original interpretation on deep synth driven techno. Digital Motion are actually from Wales and are part of only a handful of techno producers that have emerged from the principality.

However ADSR's second release, 2 years on, has the quality to become a true masterpiece thanks to the talents of Bristol's finest Jamie Anderson.

Chris and Owain's original tracks, divided into 2 parts on the flip, are warm and groovy analogue techno compositions that stand up well against other additions to the techno market. Cruise applies subtle synths, controlled drums, melodic riffs and even hints of acid throughout to create a significant recreation of vintage Detroit. However, it is Jamie Anderson's epic re-twisting that dominates. The Artform boss sequences a sublime 10-minute journey through the finest components of Detroit techno. His retro mix combines bubbling bass patterns with soft groove-led riffs and some of the most inspiring strings hear in recent years. The breakdown is skilfully arranged to generate dancefloor tension and further energy.

The overwhelming warmth and groove of Anderson's version is even more refreshing given the current sparse production landscape, and even though it has strong links with older material from labels like KMS and artists like Juan Atkins it should be considered as one the best, if not the best, techno records of 2006. And whatever happens to Digital Motion's Spacestation Studios and ADSR label in the future, they can be assured that they were involved in a genuine piece of classic techno that will last well into the future.

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April 24 2006


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