Jeff Bennett - Dynamics

Jeff Bennett's Kung Fu Dub record label has reached its sixteenth release with a three track package produced by the label's owner himself. Dynamics is the name of Jeff's latest release and already gained some good feedback from electronic dance music artists. After some good releases for labels like Middle Rec, Plastic City, KGBeats, Zebra3, Sensei its time now to encompass his production skills inside of his own house, Kung Fu Dub.

Dynamics is a tech - house goody which can be perfectly included in a late night session. Not only that it features a good vibe, but also fresh melodic lines, the track definitely can have a big significance in a set. Refreshing and pumping, this tune has a quite simply structure but in the same time is attractive and contains an eclectic suite of vibes.

The Minimized Mix from Dynamics goes into a deeper area containing a dark bass line with electro strings and rough synths. Its not progy, its neither minimal, nor electro house, this version is an excellent combination of limited styles which gathered together give a special sense of Jeff Bennett's unique style of music. I'd rather apply for the previous version, at least if I listen it out.

The Poland / Swedish talent proves his skills the best in the third track from this release, Minimal Kings. Not actually a minimal techno or minimal house, this track works perfectly to a great rhythm and awesome vibes. Calm and calculated, the tempo couldn't be raised up because it could make some harms during a live set. But for a home listening, the fresh and simple melodic lines and the special sense for tech - house makes a great production.

Including some talented comrades such as Kriece, Earth Dueley, Diego Cid, MC Leroy and others, Kung Fu Dub opens its sixteenth chapter with this good portion of underground dance music coming from the capable Jeff Bennett.

Jeff Bennett - Dynamics


Kung Fu Dub




September 04 2006


August 23, 2006 at 8:35 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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