Cynicism by Cynic Records

Felix Dickinson is the one who gave birth to Cynic Records back in 2004, after ending with the oder record labels he had had until then, Ugly Music and Ugly Cutz. With Cynic Records, Felix started to concentrate more on music production. The first release "Come A Little Colser" by Foolish and Sly received a very good press reaction. So did the other releases that followed, "Real EP" by L.H.A.S. Inc., "Deutcherwerkbund" by Das Etwas and "Azid Jazz" by Sir Lord Comixx.

Over the last two years Cynic have released a steady flow of well produced, genuine, emotive-driven records - decent fodder that have pricked up well preened ears across the globe, from the UK and the rest of Europe through to Asia and Japan. Fans of the label include Daniel Wang, Harvey, the Idjut Boys, Laurent Garnier, Radio One's Rob Da Bank and the Unabombers, amongst many others.

The latest release is "Cynicism", an album that totally represents Cynic Records, an album that presents the best of the releases over the label's first year, with some extra material chucked in for good measure. Besides the great music on it, this album is an example of good mixing techniques.

The first track All is Fair by Foolish and Sly shows right from the beginning that the album is one that should be listened and that no matter what music you prefer, this CD will surely satisfy your taste. You can hear throughout the tracks beats of pop, even passages of oriental music. It somehow takes you directly on the dance floor. You can even see the disco-ball above your head. While listening the 8 tracks on the album, you can imagine in each one a new story full of joy and excitement. Including the Germanic synth-laden classics of Deutcherwerkbund Part Two and 'Wiesnhofsiedlung by Das Etwas, the mix flows in a peaceful and deep way, ending up with the atmospheric trip named Come a Little Closer.

The album catches your attention in an instant and it is excellent for listening when you want to escape from reality and find your deepest wishes and desires. So enjoy it at the maximum!

Cynicism by Cynic Records


Cynic Records




November 2006


August 21, 2006 at 10:06 PM CEST


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