Sissy - All Under

Sissy is a Toronto duo consisting of producer David Trusz and the vocalist Johanne Williams. Trusz and Williams represent Canada's latest electronic music export, and they are on an assignment to struggle against the digital revolution. Sissy's debut album, All Under, is out now on GU Music, a fantastic CD that features 11 ambient, pop, trip-hop and down tempo tracks, a lush journey through sounds.

If we might ask for some Canadian music, I think Sissy should be one of the best names to recommend. The album contains some of the best ambient melodies, enhancing a musical warmness throughout. Besides the excellent music from the album, this material is packed under a wise art work, suggesting a sublime sense for music. Starting with down tempo, trip hop, and then moving to something more slowly, the album throws out beautiful landscapes for the listeners. As this is a great and maybe unique opportunity to enjoy the warmness and deepness of the Sissy sound, I consider that you can't hesitate to have a listen.

Sissy started their album with the track that also entitles the entire CD, All Under. For some quite long time it hasn't been released such a powerful and deep production, which can satisfy many genres of people and can unify various characters. This track features the awesome vocals of the singer Johanne Williams, some of the best that can be included on a track such as this one. After the sleepy atmosphere which takes the listener into this hypnotic musical trip, Start Again continues the spacious rhythm and vocals. Each track has its own story, starting from romantic upon Anyone but You and moving to the idealistic Imagination and the nostalgia from I See You. The excellent So Long also has a great video, not to mention the overwhelming melodic lines, where it's all incomprehensible feelings and blow-minding music. I would say this sophisticated music is more for the soul than for the body, and a good listening worth at home, or maybe in intimacy, than out. Stuck On is another great song, consisting in a deep melodic line, with a big tent of nostalgia and sadness. And Nothing as well! The meditative samples and astonishing vocals are finally able to take the listener out of the monotony and day by day things and make him feel many subtle sounds and melodies; although it's throwing out so much nostalgia.

With Lostep's album and lately The Remote with "Too Low to Miss", the GU Music completes with this new duo hailing from Toronto, Sissy. This album reminds me of the good old days from Portishead, since a few influences from them can be found upon a few tracks from All Under. Also can be found similarities with other materials, but unfortunately these ones are released quite seldom. A big up to Sissy and another big up to GU Music to discover the guys and give them the opportunity to put out such an amazing album CD.

Sissy - All Under


GU Music




July 18 2006


August 15, 2006 at 2:00 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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