Fabric 29 - Tiefschwarz

Mentioned as a Tiefschwarz tour-de-force, the next instalment in the Fabric series consists of a DJ mix from the two brothers. Ali and Basti Schwarz made from this mix something more close to a typical Tiefschwarz DJ set, including some of the hottest tracks around. No doubt, one of the best choices from Fabric.

The first track from this compilation already gained so much support from some big names around. LouderBach aka Troy Pierce and the track called Grace (Anxiety) was released on Underl_ne and consists in a tech-house with sweet variations of minimal techno. The atmosphere continues in the same manner, a bit more electrified with Claude VonStroke´s track Who´s Afraid of Detroit? and then it moves to the awesome M.A.N.D.Y. remix for Tiefschwarz´s Damage, including those wonderful vocals and a banging beat loop. Some very good music can be found on Tic Tac Toe, including this massive Theodor Zox – Extruder (Maetrik Remix), a track with a special sound which involves the listener into this great musical trip built by Tiefschwarz during the entire length of their set. If you didn´t catch some of Thomas Schumacher stuff, you really should try his track Rotor featured here. From what I know, Thomas has nothing to do with Formula 1, but as a musician he doesn't disappoints. The mix is not a constant and bald set, but a deranged and unhinged peak time set condensed into 70-odd power-packed minutes, since the style constantly moves from minimal techno to tech – house and electro with some bouncy beats and rough bass lines, melodic lines and a deep and conserved sense for special sounds. Jamie Jones and the track Amazon refreshes the atmosphere and make people to see less distances between music and computers. With Night on Earth and GummiHZ (one of Anja Schneider´s label achievements) the mix goes into a deeper and stoned area, and returns with a fantastic remix from Tiefschwarz themselves to Depeche Mode´s John the Revelator. Electronic sounds for electronic people – this is how I should point out Roman Flugel remix to Kate Wax´s Beetles and Spiders.

If the first part of the mix includes some of the freshest minimal and tech tracks around, then the second part turns into something a bit more proper to a Tiefschwarz set. We can´t name it minimal, nor techno, since the styles are transforming into a well built session. This is what Tiefschwarz do, make music to flow. Still driven by that sense of fun and family spirit, Ali and Basti exhibit an energetic approach to 4/4 electronic music.

As Fabric comes near to its thirteen anniversary, we have to expect to something different from the series of compilations. Tiefschwarz did make an excellent and mature mix CD and offered to the listeners some best music released. Deep, banging techno, electro bass lines, minimal apples and some twisted grooves, this is the most delicious recipe to make people smile and dance.

Fabric 29 - Tiefschwarz


Fabric Records




July 2006


August 3, 2006 at 2:06 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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