Someone Else & MisKate - Gullah Go-Go

It's been two years since the first release on this Philadelphia based label. Someone Else and Miskate (the owners) pointed this perfect, with another great release, the first one also belonging to them. In these two years they managed to accomplish they're main goal: releasing great minimal-techno and minimal house productions. They're unique style comes from the fact that the tracks are assembled from various sounds recorded from different sources.

Gullah Go Go EP comes with two full of bass and some samples of Gullah vocals from USA's southern region tracks just perfect for the dance floors.

On the a-side: Dee Gullah Go-Go is a minimal-house production with a Chicago house influence. Over a well pronounced bass-line we can find the main found sound witch is a photo copy machine. Some nasty female vocals both spoken and sung are following you thru the whole track. You can also hear other found sounds and snare samples that will contribute to the bouncy effect it has over your body.

The other side of the 12" brings us face to face with a more powerful minimal-techno track, No Catfish (Whoop Whoop). Nicely arranged both female and male vocal samples are to be found over a looped rhythm composed from a heavy bass-line, some found sounds and high snares. This is a track that will whoop whoop your body and soul.

It's a very nice release from this American duo that really knows how to put together some found sounds in order to make us dance.

Someone Else & MisKate - Gullah Go-Go


FoundSound Records




June 2006


August 1, 2006 at 9:42 PM CEST


Vlad Vancia

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