Alex Under - Collage EP

Alex Under has successfully gained an amazing role in the techno scene in the past few years. Starting from some polished EPs which has been played by the likes of the minimalism heroes such as Villalobos, Hawtin, Magda, and then to Adam Beyer, Josh Wink, he is now one of the most important producers from the techno scene.

Coming from Madrid, Alex runs now his own record label CMIK and record store and developed a unique sound, not only pushed forward upon his productions, but also polished upon his DJ sets and live acts. Besides CMIK, he also had some major tracks released on Trapez and Plus 8.
The new Collage EP features three original tracks with Alex´s unique sound, going from minimal techno to techno and tech-house.

First, it is "Distantes" – so much potential and so much energy that can break a dance floor. Straight and powerful, the track starts easy with mad kick loops and blows into creative breakdowns.

"El Encuentro" is a good tech-house track, a perfect built kick pattern and some smooth percussion. The first track from the flip side, this is very suitable stuff for a long night session.

B2 is hallucinated...Fortuito is a typical Alex Under production, a powerful groove with massive kicks, together forming an excellent rhythm. Not quite minimal techno, but more a tech-house with techno, this baby can´t be really integrated in a distinctive style – same with all of Alex productions.

It´s quite a big thing if you can make so much good music nowadays, when the market is so filled up with many various styles. If anybody didn´t catch yet Alex playing, you really should look forward to it. One big buzz from Plus 8 Records, Collage EP is the international Spanish / non-Spanish production which is already doing damages on the dance floor. Spanish/non-Spanish, Madrid, you have Alex Under!

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Alex Under - Collage EP


Plus 8 Records




May 2006


August 1, 2006 at 9:26 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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