Anja Schneider - Lily of the Valley

Berlin is the right place if you are looking for some meticulous techno music. And also minimal techno, deep house, minimal house, all that brings some percussions into a heavy bass line and a peaceful rhythm. Really exciting, Anja Schneider's Lily of the Valley EP released on her Mobilee record label is nothing much but two tunes with an interesting approach to minimal techno music.

Lily of the Valley distinguishes through some hypnotic riffs which continue to play on the entire length of the track, intensifying the atmosphere at the half and unleashing some powerful landscapes. The rhythm combines some tech-house machines with a minimal pattern and all blushes into a massive tune for listening in the club.

On the flip side, Addicted is more serious, sober and deep. It takes the listener from a deep house into a hypnotic trip between melodic lines and electronic samples which create a perfect and polished up track. Smooth and peaceful, this production points out a bizarre air of nostalgia and deepness.

The tenth release from the Berlin based record label Mobilee is a great work and definitely represents an impact for Anja's career. German sophisticated music is moving from the underground and lonely rough tunes to a delicate sound, gaining many not only European listeners but also worldwide bouncers as well.

Anja Schneider - Lily of the Valley


Mobilee Records




May 22 2006


July 30, 2006 at 2:08 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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