Livio & Roby feat. George G - Supercar

The Romanian based label Only Records comes again with a fresh release from two up and coming Romanian DJs and producers, Livio and Roby. Seems that Only has changed the path for this summer, since this release is quite something else than the usual Only records releases. A summer track, very playful and jazzy, Supercar is a featuring between the Romanian duo and George G, also with a remix from Holland based producer called 3 Colours.

The Original mix from Supercar is a house track with some airy music riffs, a few electro bass lines and a kick that will make you wish to be on a beach, dancing. Nothing too extravagant or heaped, this track is also recommended in a late night session club.

The 3 Colours remix goes deeply into a house music atmosphere, pointing out an optimistic air through the simple and childish melodic lines. It can be taken in consideration, since we can find in here some smooth vibes of summer and warmness.

There is also expected an exclusive remix from Subsky, which will be available separate from this two tracks package. It is the first time when a Romanian artist signs with a Romanian record label, so this should be interesting to analyze.

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Livio & Roby feat. George G - Supercar


Only Records Digital




June 2006


July 14, 2006 at 3:38 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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