Underwater Episode 5 - Darren Emerson & Magik Johnson

The name Darren Emerson was been sailing in the same boat for a few good years with Underwold. He started his own record label named Underwater Records back in '94, and since then, a lot of important producers have released tracks here. The compilation Underwater has come to the fifth episode, mixed by Darren Emerson and Magik Johnson. The compilation contains two mix CDs, each one with some fresh tracks, most of them exclusive for Underwater Records. The entire material contains 27 tracks.

The first mix belongs to Darren Emerson: electro, tech-progressive and house music is what you'll find on it. After a short Intro, the mix starts with a fresh Underwater release, Beckster with the track Howyadoin. The project consists in John Dahlback and David Ekenback, two young producers whom have an important word to say on the dance music scene. With this excellent beginning, Ynau and the track A Tribute to Mark Spoon continues the mix with an electro track, bouncing and great for dance floor. The next tune is a massive electro-house brought by Onionz, one which makes you dance no matter how. The tracks are flowing in the same style, since The Wiggs provides another electro-house track named Mars and perfectly in mood with the previous production. With D.Ramirez and Dmitry Bobrov, the atmosphere intensifies, it transforms into a sick electro track, called Pleasure Me. Joel Mull is another Underwater artist, who provides the mix with the track For Me, one of the best track from this first CD. Joel has a special sense for music, so you probably can't hear a bad production from him. D.Ramirez is one of the privileged guys here, since he has a massive exposure, having three tracks featured on the mix. La Discotek points out some deep bass lines, an electro pattern and a great rhythm, combining vocals with melody. Ynau returns with a disco track, jazzy electro-house with vocals in high feather. The track which closes the first mix by darn is named Paradox and is made up by Darko Esser & Benny Rodrigues. After a meticulous listen, I find the mix extremely delicious, with some ups and downs. Darren has put together some great electro-house combined with progressive and the result was a continuous mix, perfectly mixed and great for a night session in club or listen at home, in the car, in the kitchen, wherever.

Magik Johnson made the second installment using a few own original productions but also featuring names such as Ian Pooley or Trentemoller. His mix starts with Dj T and the track Funk on You, and shortly his own electro-house tune named I'll Take You There. The Flake Escape by Diringer starts a session of tech-house, consisting in an awesome track, perfectly built and constantly developing energy. The atmosphere just becomes excellent when Jazzy Eyewear enters with the tech-electro track Gotta Be Real (Zoo Brazil remix). Ian Pooley delivers a funky house to cheery the atmosphere; his Higgledy Piggledy works excellent upon the mix. Magik Johnson is the next one in order to have a production featured; it's not just one, I Give Up, but also a featuring with Sandy Mill, Not What You Know. Coming next, Extrawelt delivers an awesome remix to Margot Meets The Melody Maker and the track Torch. With a progressive musical pattern and an electro bass line, Extrawelt puts his audio fingerprint upon the track; those of you which are not that familiar with this name, I recommend his release from Border Community. Back to this mix, Trentemoller is a guy that needs no introduction; neither his track Sunstroke. Is quite amazing how Magik Johnson goes from a style to another one, since the next track, a remix from Tom Middleton to a track by Kerri Chandler has a very playful and funky rhythm. For the rest of the mix, Johnson has prepared two of his works, an original production and a remix to close the compilation. The respective remix is made to Mr Gone and the track Do For Love, a funky house with many merry riffs.

Underwater Episode 5 - Darren Emerson & Magik Johnson


Underwater Records




July 2006


July 14, 2006 at 3:16 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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