Quivver - Controlled Substance

Quivver's fans are happy! After five years, John Graham aka Quivver releases this summer a new mix CD, named Controlled Substance. The compilation will be released on Boz Boz Recordings, a sublabel of Trust the DJ started in 2003 by Quivver. When most of the DJs are following the new "minimal" trend, Quivver sticks to breaks and progressive house. The result can be heard on this compilation.

The compilation has 11 tracks and one intro made by Quivver. For the very beginning, it's Maurice Bakes and the track Dub Electric which enters the mix in a very slow and discrete manner. The track consists in a break-beat with some tents of acid house and a few dynamic vocals; very well for the beginning, we might say. With each new track, the rhythm intensifies and erases that slowness. After another breaks tune which is an edit from Nu-Frequency at Crazy Penis' track Cruising, Habersham puts his fingerprint upon the mix, together with Kazell, in order to throw out an excellent summer track named One Thing - not to forget this is a Quivver mix. After Quivver's track Not Givin; Up, Dylan Rhymes & Ricky Stone prepare the public to dance upon an electro massive track, Shanghay Taxi (Deepgroove mix). The mix takes the electro path, with Beckers and then Trent Cantrelle & Freddy Be, in order to make it more bouncing and alive. Reminding of the old good progressive, Jaytech are back with a new track featured here, Genesis, a fructuous combination between a melodic progressive house and vocals. The mi ends up pretty soon with a massive electronic track brought by PMT and named Necromancer, a really massive and deep tune.

This compilation has a natural course of the tracks: starting from the slow breaks tunes, continuing with a little electro and then progressive house, and finishing with an energetic and alive track. Regarding this compilation, John says that he wanted to condense a normal three hour set in one CD and thinks this is not just a simple night club mix, but also a mix to be listened at home.

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