Ellen Allien & Apparat - Orchestra of Bubbles

Ellen Allien and Apparat, two artists from the German based record label BPitch Control made this experiment and created an "Orchestra of Bubbles", an artist album which features eleven tracks, originally written by them and released on BPitch Control.

In human acceptance, bubbles form a delicate and gentle phenomenon of chemistry, more or less. Bubbles remind us about childhood and neglectful behaviors. They can also be considered one person's thoughts and conceptions about life, always changing, appearing and disappearing. But what ends when two prolific musicians, electronic music producers and DJs put together their talent and efforts and create an orchestra of bubbles?

The first track from the album is named Turbo Dreams and opens the public's ears to an intelligent electronic music. With plenty of melodies and effects, this track is so controversial that can be included in one single style of electronic music. Some random passages of electronic guitar are superposed on deep bass lines and a quirky rhythm. Way Out is an excellent breaks track with a beautiful vocal and a playful rhythm. Great to be listened in the morning, this track has also an air of nostalgia in its deepness. Excellent work! After the dreaming Retina, the track Jet delivers to the listeners a trance vibration with some tech-house samples. This should be taken in consideration as one of the best tracks from this album! Very well built, it points out a fantastic melodic line with a sweet rhythm, in order to create a deep incursion in the listener's mind. The next electronic song is called Floating Points and consists in a massive tech-house with electro dance stuff, preparing the experimental track Under to come into the attention – big breaks with massive bass lines. Edison puts a sad fingerprint upon the album, with an astonishing downtempo track, a nostalgic melody and a few deep sounds. Profound and atmospheric, this track ends up by leaving some blotches of sadness to the listeners. Leave Me Alone is one of the jazziest tracks here, with some great male vocals featured in. In the same manner as the track Way Out was made, Do Not Break delivers an astonishing full energetic rhythm with some distorted awesome vocals filled up with effects and mini-scratches. After another interesting track called Metric, the last tune from this album, Bubbles, closes the album in a peaceful manner. Deep and smooth, this last track enhances the effect of nostalgia and numbness created by the track "Edison".

This material should be considered one of the most interested experiments from BPitch Control, two artists with different visions upon music that put together a unique artist album, put together an orchestra of sounds, of bubbles. We can find on this album various experiences and feelings of the writers, from sadness, nostalgia and mystery, to deepness and joy, happiness and frustration, failures and successes...Anything just like an orchestra of bubbles.

Ellen Allien & Apparat - Orchestra of Bubbles


BPitch Control




May 2006


July 13, 2006 at 10:55 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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