Get Lost - Damian Lazarus & Matthew Styles

Get Lost is the latest achievement of two perfectly crafted UK based DJs, Damian Lazarus and Matthew Styles. This duo also means Crosstown Rebels, an UK based record label with a growing significance on the dance music scene from year to year. There are 29 tracks featured on this double mix CD, consisting in strange sounds, deep melodies, quirky rhythms, minimal techno beats, old-school, downtempo, all which is good electronic music.

The first CD is a continuous mix which comes with lot of musical and non-musical stuff, riffs that can create damage on the dance floor, melodic lines which drive people crazy, a lot of non-cliché tracks. Starting with Mlle.Caro & Franck Garcia and the peaceful minimal house Far Away, the mix constantly evolves and turns into a beautiful musical path that changes from track to track. Repeat Repeat and the track Carpark delivers an electronic bass line and a bit of energy on the mix, making it sound more dynamic. There are some typical minimal patterns which Damian follows, but with a few tracks he simply goes into a different music atmosphere. After two minimal techno tunes which are Styro 2000 – Sanagol and The Knife - Silent Shout (Troy Pierce Barado En Locombia Mix), the mix takes in a subtle way the path of tech-house with a playful track given by Rob Mello. Someone Else delivers a deep minimal with the remix of Butane's Sound of Digidown, a continuous kick pattern and a bold rhythm, perfect for a late night session. With Monolake and the track Plumbicon, an older tech production, the mix goes into an atmosphere of mystery and deepness, providing here some smooth and quirky synths - really abstract and strange. Perfectly combined with the next track, this first mix brings into focus some really good tracks that need to be mentioned: Circus Maximus from Solieb, How Not To Be A Biscuit from Ost & Kjex and the Und's mind-blowing Coccopuffs. Especially the track "How Not to BE a Biscuit" creates a big buzz not only on the dance floor but also in a listener's spirit – one of the best tracks featured on this mix CD. And finally, it all ends with the track Opium Den from R:AX, a perfect end with some solid bass lines and an awesome melodic line.

If the first CD was mostly a minimal techno and minimal house mix, the second one is an interesting experiment made by these two prolific DJs. The first surprise comes when De Do Da Da enters, and after one minute, Naum delivers a pretty non-dance track called Feln, mostly a slow kick pattern with some melodic strings and a few electro riffs, bass lining the entire track. The tracks are not mixed, since each one comes with a different style, so you can't actually make a decent cross fade between them. With a little hip-hop, ambient and downtempo, a few drum and bass samples and some interesting tents of non-dance music, the second mix starts to follow the electronic music pattern with John Tejada's Paranoia. Some dance music tracks can be found in the same shape, unmixed. Bergheim 34 brings a tech-house tune, Take My Soul, while Modeler comes with an electronic breaks. A very interesting track is Lola, produced by Duoteque, and Moonstarr's Detroit. At least, the mentioned tracks are considered dance tracks. There is also some ambient music, a few tents of hip-hop centered on melody and not vocals. Everything ends up with the strange production from Hannas Barber, named Beautiful Squishy Lightbulbs.

Get Lost - Damian Lazarus & Matthew Styles


Crosstown Rebels




June 6 2006


July 13, 2006 at 10:48 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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