Paul Kalkbrenner - Keule

Berlin based Paul Kalkbrenner started to produce music in '99, and till then he signed releases with various labels, including BPitch Control. This label offered him a chance to be included in the label's artist database, and so Paul started to push his music forward, constantly improving and developing it. His latest release is named "Keule" and comes with three electronic tracks.

Keule is also the track which covers the A side. With a pretty bald and constant bass line, the track develops some blow-minding melodic lines with the help of a few synthesizers and programmed sounds. It is a classical, deep and continuous techno tune, blooming from moment to moment into a deep melody.

Atzepeng is featured on the flip side, consisting in a bass line that is held on during the entire track and a few groves and kicks that make a playful rhythm. Not that jazzy as it seems, the track doesn't build too much, conserving the same rhythm and sounds from the beginning till the end.

The last track is Freund Blase, a techno masterpiece. This is that kind of track that works excellent on the dance floor and makes people bounce. It's developing and building with each new kick pattern, coming to a perfect rhythm which hides an intense techno atmosphere.

Paul Kalkbrenner doesn't follow the minimal path which should be quite obvious for a Berlin based producer of electronic music. He keeps music in the best shape original, and never turns it into a bunch of non-dance stuff. Another big up for the German based record label BPitch Control.

Paul Kalkbrenner - Keule


BPitch Control




June 26 2006


July 13, 2006 at 10:41 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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