Anders Ilar - Organza EP

Anders Ilar began producing music in 1986. Back than he only had a Korg Poly 800 II and a Roland TR-505. In time he bought other synthesizers and drum-machines. He also used Atari and Cubase for producing hundreds of tracks, but he wasn't pleased with the quality and in 1997 stopped producing, waiting for the day when you could make the perfect track on your PC.

These days came in the 2000 and in this year he has released his first vinyl. Now he has releases on labels like: Shitkatapult,, Narita Records, Level, etc.
After a remix for Oliver Hacke's track: Millepieds on Level Records, it's time for him to launch his first 12" on this minimal production label from Düsseldorf/ Germany founded in 2004, that's promoting a sound on the edge of listening and club-music.
On Organza we find 4 of this kind of tracks: Existing in the Dreams of a Flower, Can't Force a Tree to Grow, Organza and Lakeside.

The first one is a deep, atmospheric and very tuneful track, which can also be played on the dance floors to an after-hours party. It has a bouncy bass-line, with some modulated chords flying above, a slight amount of echo and all kinds of sounds that seem to come from all over.

In Can't Force a Tree To Grow it's all about the rhythm, one that is broken-beat like and very obvious. With a full of optimism start the track slowly develops into a sad one, because of the high frequency synthesizer sounds that seem to cry.

Organza is the apogee track on this mini album, with a profound bass-line full of energy. Around it we have a lot of sounds spinning around full of echo, that seem to have came from another planet. Another great track, good for home listening after a tumultuous night, but also good for the club if the tempo is raised a little bit.

Lakeside goes on with the deep sounds promoted on this EP. It's progressively built up, you don't even realize when the bass comes in. Oriental like sounds pierces through the rhythm creating a relaxing atmosphere. This track is recommended for martial-arts trainings.

Anders Ilar created a very interesting EP, by combining energy with restful sounds that will find fans from all the music styles.

Anders Ilar - Organza EP


Level Records




June 2006


July 2, 2006 at 7:06 PM CEST


Vlad Vancia

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