Sasha Funke - Boogy Bytes vol. 2

Sascha Funke is one of the most representative artists from the German label, Bpitch Control, releasing tracks since the year 2000. Together with Allen Allien, the owner, these two have defined the sound of Bpitch Control: dark electro techno. He has also launched EPs on Michael Mayer's label Kompakt, but in the last years he remains devoted to BPC, releasing here his first artist album in 2003: Bravo, and over 10 EPs.

Just like after 1 comes 2, after the first vol. Boogy Bytes mixed by Kiki (Joakim Ijas on his real name) and launched in February 2006 comes the second volume of the Boogy Bytes series. The man chosen for this task was the dj/producer from Berlin, Sascha Funke.

His first mix CD is based on a more techno sound, with influences like house, minimal and even trance. It is like a story that sends out, in its first half a peaceful and friendly atmosphere with the help of melodious sounds and vocals, while the second half it's a more intense.

Instead of "once upon a time" we have this first track EfdeminJean, with a very dreamy theme, and some French vocals perfect for the start and the story goes on with Tomson & Daniel De La CurtisSynthic, which maintains that restful sensation. With Trentemoller and Serenetti, an older track from 2005, Sascha brings more rhythm that soon fades out when International Pony and the track Our House (Papa) comes in.
Another track from 2005, a tech-house with almost whispered vocals that keep us in that fairy tale atmosphere. Zander VT and Cut the lines, a minimal house production released in March 2006, at the sub-label from BPitch Control, Memo that promotes new talents, continues on the desired path and prepares the entrance of the next track: What You Say Is More Than I Can Say (Isolée Speak & Spell Rmx - Long Edit) from Ricardo Villalobos, a representatively work for the artist, a very rhythmic with a lot of clicks-and-cuts and some vocals similar with the ones in Our House (Papa) track , that fits perfect with the idea proposed by Sascha Funke. We don't event realize when the next one enters: Schatrax - Mispent Years, another minimal house since 2003 with glitch influences. The first half of the mix ends with a 14 years old techno-trance: Transformer 2 - Pacific Symphony (Italian Smooth Remix), full of energy, with whistles and lots of melodious sounds created with the help of synthesizer. The DJ wants to prove that you can mix old music with new, and introduces an own production: In Between Days, from the ep with the same name launched in may this year. With this one he lowers the tempo and brings us a new kind of music darker, closer to his style. We go on with the dynamic rhythm of Carsten Jost and the great Uccellini, that blends perfect with the vocals from Grace (Anxiety), released by Troy Pierce under he's nickname Lauderbach, where we can find the deep & dark tones promoted by Pierce. The next to follow is a co-operation between Henrik Schwarz, Âme & Dixon feat. Derrick L. Carter, that brings out a deep tech-house with some house like vocals: Where We At. The sensation of anxiety created by the last 3 productions is dissipated during Sleeparchive - ACD Voice, a minimal techno with a girl spelling from time to time the letters. Voight & VoightVision 03, from 2002 brings us back to the safety we felt in the first part of the mix.
Sascha Funke ends his story with 2 artists: Thies Mynther, Dirk von Lowtzow that call them Phantom/Ghost and their track These Days.

This is a mix CD with old and new, different styles productions very nice combined, a little bit unlike Sascha Funke's known sound, but I don't think the fans will dislike it.

Sasha Funke - Boogy Bytes vol. 2


B Pitch Control




May 2006


June 4, 2006 at 9:26 PM CEST


Vlad Vancia

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