40 OZ - Downlow'd EP

American based top DJ and producer 40 OZ provides some heavy electronic music with his Downlow'd EP released on 40 OZ. Anonymous yet, the DJ has a lot to say with these four tracks, electro, techno house and tech.

The A side contains Downlow'd, an industrial house tune, very abstract and consistent in samples and synths, rough bass lines and a massive rhythm. The other track from this side is Note To Self, softer then the previous mix, but still abstract and underground. The acid synths push some hypnotic vibes, in order to create a psychedelic techno track.

The flip side consists in Deviated Septum and B Dub. If the first track builds up an intense psy techno storm filled up with paranoid acid musical samples, the second tune is mellow and minimalist. Deep and constantly building a tension, the last track comes with a notable rhythm and some bizarre vocal samples.

A very wise release, Downlow'd EP is music not only for body, but more for mind. So sit back and feel free to enjoy a nonconformist EP.

40 OZ - Downlow'd EP


40 OZ


40OZ 001


May 1 2006


June 3, 2006 at 5:00 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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