Exponential presents Collapsing Culture

Exponential is a Texas based record label which puts out a conglomerate of hip-hop, ambient, downtempo, trip-hop and electronic music. The label was created back in 2000 by a producer, DJ and graphic artist called Ernest Gonzales aka Theory of Everything. At this moment, the label encompasses many artists such as DJ Jester, Prince Classen, Aether216, Darby, Mnolo and Theory of Everything.

The compilation Collapsing Culture is a mixture between the best electronic ambient music, with hip-hop and trip-hop, many of the tracks being produced by the exclusive artists of the label. Starting with the first track I should thank Aether216 for this amazing production; the best I've heard for a while. Renascent enhances simply one of the most gorgeous melodic lines I've heard! With a few synths which give the impression of some falling starts, the track takes its way to a heavy but slow rhythm, a dreamy melodic line and many sounds acting on their own like some bugs on a flower – maybe not the best comparison I could say. The French air comes with Theory of Everything and the track Little Prince, while a dreamy rhythm can be found on Darby's track, Fall From Grace. Darby changes the French path into a Spanish one, delivering the excellent song Ciudad de Leche and later Quality Television, a very weird experiment between electronic music and exotic flavor. From Theory of Everything to Reader and then A.M. Architect the music changes from downtempo to drum and bass, each one coming with a new and unique musical element. Some great track to be mentioned whould be Memoir of Nova from Aether216, Mnolo's The Ascension, Many Colored Days from Darby and Lullaby no.5 from Theory of Everything.

You should be surprised what these guys can do with sounds, how they compose extraordinary melodic lines, twisted and melancholic beats, wise rhythms and most of all, intelligent music. The group Exponential also militates against the pop star imagery or multi-million dollar record deals from America, fighting with this music and this kind of representation.

This extraordinary compilation is something which can be heard every day, so it can be seen that a lot of passion and work put together a material which can be listened anytime.

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Exponential presents Collapsing Culture






May 23 2006


June 2, 2006 at 8:11 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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