Jacob Todd & Jordan Nafie - Ariadne's Thread

After the first release from Steve McMahon, Jacob Todd's digital record label Emote Music return with another three tracks package. Alongside with studio partner Jordan Nafie, Jacob Todd find himself throwing out a very fine progressive release with some smooth tech parts from Habersham.

Ariadne's Thread is a classic. Not on old sound, but a mature and deep one, with loads of heavy bass lines and a quirky rhythm. This original mix will deliver the best melodic lines a progressive house lover can expect from.

Habersham mix succeeds to build on the original mix his unique eclectic sound, making it sound excellent. Twisted synths and a very interesting rhythm make this remix to work out great in a late night club. Many techno influences may change as a whole the proggy version mentioned above.

The third mix comes from OBA, on his real name Jermey Watkins. This abstract piece of progressive house tune fits excellent together with the other two versions. Continuous, psychedelic and deep, OBA's mix is a touching return to the old stuff. Some smooth tribals are doing the track easier to be understood.

Keep an eye on Jacob Todd, as this release sounds like a start of many others to follow on his freshly built label Emote Music.

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Jacob Todd & Jordan Nafie - Ariadne's Thread


Emote Music




June 1 2006


June 2, 2006 at 7:16 AM CEST


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