Alexkid - Caracol EP

31 years old, the French born Alexkid is Alexis Mauri, an experienced sound engineer, DJ, music producer. The label F Communications took him to release an excellent two tracks EP, named Caracol EP.

The first track is Caracol, an excellent minimal house tune, with loads of low bass lines and a quirky pattern of synths. Very abstract and deep, the melody comes subtle, while the rhythm takes it all. Terrific sounds are browsing the track, each of them with a personal significance. Great track for a minimalist lover.

Uno is the B side track. Still abstract, but with much rhythm and vibe than the previous track. After some lazy samples are coming in, a cheery tech – house bass line is inserted on the track, in order to create a dizzy rhythm with electronic melody incorporated.

With a few releases such as the album Mint, some remixes and EPs, Alexkid is back with this fresh 12" and still doesn't disappoint anyone.

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Alexkid - Caracol EP


F Communications


F 243


April 17 2006


June 2, 2006 at 12:58 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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