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The Balance series has become lately a high point of reference regarding the dance music's orientation. Bringing in the limelight names such as Desyn Masiello, Anthonny Pappa, James Holden, Phil K, Sean Quinn, Kasey Taylor, Bill Hamell and Chris Fortier, the Balance series made itself conspicuous through the variety of music and quality of DJs. Anytime with a new fresh double mix CD, the name of Balance represents today one of the important steps that the dance music made in the last 5 years.

The number 9 from Balance comes to Paolo Mojo. Dj and producer for quite some time now, Mojo is a DJ who knows how to make people dance. And this is a certain thing. After he experimented all kinds of musical styles, not only by his gigs worldwide but also by his Proton Radio show, he succeeded to create an unique style, step by step. And this fact can be noticed if we take a closer look to his latest releases, such as Save Target As. With Balance 009, Paolo makes two mixes different between them, which both are going from the same point but take different paths. But let's see what this is about.

The first CD starts with an intro from Kayot and the track One Night In Cuba and immediately after that the mix really starts to rock and roll. We can mention Audiomontage with the track Naughty Neighbour, a very sweet house tune which can go really well into a club lighten by disco balls and warm lights. Alex Kid comes with a daring track and changes a bit the path of the mix. His track called Pick It Up brings some tech-house influences incorporating also a funky enchanting female vocal. After this great tech-house session converted in acid house, Lil Mike and the track Space Cadet refreshes the atmosphere, but Mish Mash and the production Speechless (Three's Lost In Translation mix) brings back the mix into a house area with funky and tech influences. So far, the set has attitude and offers more and more varied tracks, as the electronic duo Wighnomy BrosWombat or Davina and Don't You Want It. The last part comes with many funky influences, not only through the vocal house but also through the warm tech-house. It is Pepe Braddock's mission to close this mix with a summer track, called Deep Burnt.

I've always thought that Paolo Mojo is not a DJ approaching one style only, with prejudices which can block his manner of playing music, and more important, what music he plays. And as a proof, the second CD of the Balance compilation approximates to Mojo's music, what he enjoy playing and how it is known by people. The first track is signed by him and consists in a bouncing electro house sweetened by some juicy female vocals. This mix also features some varied names, each one contributing to this acclaimed material. With Oscar a new session of funky and tribal house is opened, improvising the mix with Ruckus (Buick Project remix) from Paolo himself. A remix from the two producers Cass & Mangan is featured here also, providing an electrified tune. And if we still stick to the electro area, it must be mentioned Sebastian Leger's remix for Inner City and the track Say Something. After this delicious electro house, the music starts to intensify, but it's all a break when the Border Community sound appears. This wonder child of Holden, which is Nathan Fake brings in the front an icelandic version of the genial release The Sky Was Pink. From this moment, looks like the mix brings life again, it becomes clearer and flows smooth, the track are coming one by one in a natural tone. A few names should be mentioned: Deee-Lite, Ada, Michel de Hey and the controversial B Pitch artist Sasha Funke. And as a closing track, another Border Community artist makes his appearance. Petter put his prints on the mix with Modern Eternity. The last track belongs to Sebastien Tellier, a melodic downtempo, with a vibe of rock, called La Ritournelle.

There have been some discussions about who will be the one to mix the new Balance CD. When the rumors confirmed that is Paolo Mojo, lot of people have been stunned, a few were happy because they knew what Mojo delivers. And so, this mix is beyond expectations.

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Balance 009 - Paolo Mojo






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