Cristian Varela - Ekspozicija 03: Changements (Live @LOVE Club Sao Paolo)

Cristian Varela can be named one of the best DJs and producers from Spain. On his real name Chris Vareland–Carlos Duran, this guy is always in the best shape, delivering the smoothest techy beats.

Not only one big electronic music producer, but also a great DJ, Cristian has traveled to many venues around the world including Tokyo, USA, England, Colombia & Canada and all through Europe. He has released music for labels such as Primate Recordings, Black Codes Experiments, Carl Cox' Intec Records, Elephantaus plus many other remixes and DJ mixes.

Explicit Musick catches Varela with a great set at the famous Love Club in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This CD, named Ekspozicija TRI: Changements is a great journey through electronic dance music, starting from some wicked minimal beats to a more eclectic vibe of electro and techno.

To start his mix CD, Varela introduces a mate hailing from Spain too, a guy with a terrible ascension lately. The great producer Alex Under, with the track released on CMYKmusik and called Par makes the introduction of this heavy mix, continuing with two great producers, Tomas Barfod and Trentemoller. In more than 70 minutes of pure electronic music, Varela takes the listener through many styles of productions, pointing up some of the hottest names around. With the crazy synths from Vernis, the mix goes further with The track My Number One (True To Nature remix part 2) from D-Nox & Beckers – really tech, with an intelligent bass line and excellent rhythm. With DJ Inxx the mix gets a techno outfit, but with mellow taste of underground melodies. After some funky techno, Varela delivers one of his own productions called Lunar Waves, released on Intec. The mix CD is consistent in tracks, it takes us further with more experiments, emphasizing some names to be followed, such as Darren Kay, DP – 6, Gaetano Parisio, Jay Denham, Joykit and many others.

We have more techno in the second part of the mix CD, with tracks from Jay Denham or Gaetano Parisio building up a fantastic techno mix, with energetic rhythms and tribals. The last three tracks are absolutely crazy, starting from Blackmail by Kobaya, continuing with the electric avenue Schacht by Asem Shama and finally, closing the session with the track Lucid Moments (Mark Broom Mix) by Locutus.

Many of you should wish now, after a complete audition of the mix CD, to have been there, at Sao Paulo. This is one great set, perfectly mixed and dotted with tribals and techno drums, effects and a live attitude that hives throughout the CD.

Cristian Varela - Ekspozicija 03: Changements (Live @LOVE Club Sao Paolo)


Explicit Musick




May 17 2006


May 29, 2006 at 8:15 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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