Dominik Eulberg and Gabriel Ananda - Harzer Roller

Traum is one of the most important German electronic labels in operation, but the output has been rather hit and miss since its formation in 1998. However, when Riley Reinhold and Jacqueline Klein do get it right it is normally pretty special. 'Harzer Roller' is definitely a good example of when it all goes well at Traum. But the combination of Dominik Eulberg and Gabriel Ananda would no doubt produce great results on any label.

In a similar fashion to Richie Hawtin and his early ambience productions inspired by the landscapes of his native Canada - Eulberg and Ananda uniquely capture the organic sounds of their natural surroundings on 'Harzer Roller'. Both producers apply skipping beats, madcap percussion and slick bass pulses in an original, crafted groove. Uplifting bells work well with tranquil breaks to make this record perfect for reflective, introverted moods. Gabriel Ananda, in particular, demonstrates his versatility fresh from his Detroit influenced remix of Marco Bailey's 'Bollocks' - in an absorbing presentation that effectively communicates (through electronic form) the natural world experienced by both producers.

Where the title track represents the influence of nature, 'Schierker Kreisel' is without doubt the result of copious amounts of time spend in the studio and on the dancefloor - starved of daylight. The pulsing groove and flowing bassline generate a strong background echo before the main riff bursts through. This riff, highly electronic and addictive, drops in and out of the arrangement as the bass becomes more punchy and funky. As 'Schierker Kreisel' progresses it moves away from experimentation and becomes a straight up tech house groove with simple but effective components. Lighter, more natural elements do appear at the breakdown before the incessant riff drops once again. Many minimal producers are guilty of neglecting the groove factor of techno whilst experimenting with new sounds, but Eulberg and Ananda crucially get the balance perfectly right this time. Expect this to be an important record throughout the summer.

Dominik Eulberg and Gabriel Ananda - Harzer Roller






March 6 2006


May 11, 2006 at 1:04 AM CEST


Paul Pritchard

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