Gabriel & Dresden - Gabriel & Dresden LP

After a first audition at this year's Winter Music Conference, the debut album of Josh Gabriel & Dave Dresden is released on their own record label, Organized Nature. After one year, the San Francisco based duo can blow their bags about a bonny material

This one includes 12 tracks, 8 of them being composed alongside two vocalists, Atlanta based Molly Bancroft and London based Jan Burton. At this album also collaborated Dj Scarlett Ettienne from San Francisco to a dirty instrumental which already got support from the likes of Pete Tong.

As mentioned above, the album has 12 productions including progressive and prog trance, in a large measure vocal sexy house with dance tools. The first track pointed out is Let Go alongside the vocalist Molly Bancroft, track consisting in a melodic progressive which sends forth a lot of positive nut a bit nostalgic atmosphere, filled up with melodic lines and a G & D stamp rhythm. The track Eleven is made with Scarlett Ettiene, a conglomerate of acid sounds with techno influences, a rhythm bathe in melodic and driving bass lines, a perfect track for dance floor. The vocalist Jan Burton also puts his vocal imprint on the track Enemy, making through his voice the track to emboss. The tracks are very different one of each other, the rhythms differentiates through uniqueness, so it can be easily adapted to many musical styles. The album can be listened in many emotional periods, offering not only warmness through melody but also energy through aggressive beats inserted with good taste in the productions. Mass Repeat is a track which distinguishes through the pregnant electro house influences and disco rhythm. After mentioning about the excellent tech-house with electro called Closer, the track Not Enough brings a spot of meditative air and nostalgia through the ambient. The electro house continues with New Path, a very dynamic track. The excellent production progressive trance called Dangerous Power prepares the album for the end and lives the place to the track Tracking Treasure Down to end up. Already released as single, this last production already got remixes from high quality DJs such as Robbie Rivera, Group Therapy, Francis Perve si Kyau vs Albert.

After they perfectly adjust their sound to the nowadays style, the two G & D brought with this LP a lot of color, rhythm and life on the international dance music scene. With no introduction, Gabriel & Dresden are in this moment on the best path, so all they have to do is taste the success.

Gabriel & Dresden - Gabriel & Dresden LP


Organized Nature




May 29 2006


May 10, 2006 at 8:35 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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