Danny Tenaglia - Dibiza (Brings the Back Drums)

Stereo Productions delivers a fresh tribal house EP signed by one of the most respected DJs and producers, Danny Tenaglia. The material is named Dibiza (Bring the Drums Back) and contains three tracks and three DJ tools.

The Kick Ass Mix consists in a heavy tribal house with many grooves and tribals, a dark bass line, in order to create a massive rhythm. This is a very noisy tune, filled up with a crazy kick ass pattern. Samples with "bring the drums back" can also be found in a special DJ tool.

Loft Mix – Osix provides a dark rhythm, very tribalistic and deep. Proper for a late night session, the track is quiet the same during its entire length, repetitive drums with twisted beats.

The Ocean Drive Hotel Mix brings some funky synths with sexy tribals, dirty and dark.

A perfect release for night club, this EP is obsessively massive and brings a fresh sound from Stereo, the Spanish record label. As a bonus, the disc features three acapella: Attenzione robovox, Bum bum bum bow and .

Danny Tenaglia - Dibiza (Brings the Back Drums)


Stereo Productions




April 2006


May 10, 2006 at 7:50 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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