Kristoffer Zaar - Bass Circle

With a great sense for producing high quality electronic music, Kristoffer Zaar is a name to be watched. Breaking the circles with some massive original productions and remixes for labels such as Plejour Audio, Furry Music and Dumb Records, he releases a new EP made up from four tracks and called Bass Circle.

This one is released on Dumb Recordings, record label which just made his debut with the release Retarded Funk – Venta / Monday.

The first comment is that the original mix is fantastic! It deserves a 10/10 from far! Quirky beats with techy synths and some acid bass line composes a unique quality track. The melody is simply great and the rhythm makes anyone to move at least his head.

And the second comment comes to the remixes. Which are three: Killswitch Rocker remix, Mashtronic remix and Stian Klo remix. No track succeeds in making at least ¾ from what the original mix did...

Starting with the first remix, this one delivers an electro tune filled up with massive bass lines and electronic pattern synths. Mashtronic takes the track into an acid house with lot of electro bass lines, providing a killer heavy track. And the last one is the best remix from these three – Stian Klo approaches from the original mix delivering a nice kick pattern and some good bass lines in order to create a great rhythm.

It could definitely been better, at least in the remixes area. A great step forward for Dumb Recordings and a massive production line from Kristoffer Zaar.

Kristoffer Zaar - Bass Circle


Dumb Recordings




May 29 2006


May 9, 2006 at 8:10 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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