Fabric 28 - Wiggle

Looking back to Fabric's discography it is quite proper to say that Fabric means diversity. After minimalistic and technetic sounds from Adam Beyer and Ivan Smagghe, positive and deep vibe from Carl Craig and Global Communication and finally the ingenious polished mix from Matthew Dear, Fabric picks up a new name to mix the 28th compilation. Which is Wiggle – Terry Francis and Nathan Coles.

These two guys separately have many stories to tell. But together, this is the first material to be released that they put their audio imprint on it. Going from fun and perseverating into hard work, the two guys have built a unique mix cd that will take anyone into a fantastic house music journey... You've heard those words before, right? Well, sit back and enjoy this great tech-house fabric.

The CD is starting peacefully with the track Darkness Brovas from Hipp-E and goes into a housey atmosphere with Corrie and the track Some Bizarre. After the excellent Club Therapy from Peace Division, the mix strikes back in the minimalistic area, where we find Argy and the original mix from Love Dose - great track with a massive response for the crowd.. not to mention the Luciano remix! So far the mix kept a similar line, pushed forward track with big potential but its time to continue with another masterpiece, with more deep grooves; Presence and the track Gettin' Lifted. Noticed that the tarck are only original mixes till now? Well, with Will B Presents Buki Cole & Free Radikal and the track Travelling there's a remix from John Ciafone on it. Techy and positive, the mix continues to build fantastic beats for dance floor, continuing with Cle and the track No Need to See and then with Nathan Coles' intensified remix of C-Soul and the track Everybody. The Dopeheadz and Mario Fabriani delivers one by one deep grooves and shaking rhythm, making the mix to evolve and blossom into diversity and pure electronic music for body and soul. Terry & Ricardo change the path for a bit and go further into new dimensions of sound, while the Bushy remix of Mula and Her Boyfriend Was the DJ sets up the mix to be closed with a techno masterpiece. And the doors are closed with a remix from Nathan Coles to Annette, leaving the listeners satisfied (I hope) by the eclectic and various techy music.

Arousing memories for a few, this mix CD picked up some very good tracks in order to create a tech-house shaking session. With the debut on Fabric, the duo named Wiggle is not stopping at this point, continuing to deliver great house music. Perfectly filling up each other, the guys from Wiggle goes from dirty, filthy and juicy synths and grooves to come up with nothing much than more than 70 minutes of excellent house music.

Fabric 28 - Wiggle


Fabric Records




May 15 2006


May 9, 2006 at 5:32 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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