Oliver Hacke - Millepieds Remixe

This is the 6th release on Level Records, and contains 5 remixes to Oliver Hacke's track Millepieds, appeared on the first release of this label. This release continues the label's music line, of minimal house, sometimes deep, sometimes funky, but extremely groovy, with chill moods and dark moods.

A1 contains a remix from the polish producer and live performer Slg. This is a real sound trip starting with a deep glitchy minimal sound, that doesn't let you not to move your feet, like you are preparing to take off, and then you smoothly leave the ground on some interesting strings and chords with a great bass line that amplify your moves. The track is a little bit funky, with a lot of grooves and feeling.

A2 remix comes from Fax, a producer from México. As we are used to hear a lot of good quality deep minimal from South America, this track is not an exception. I find this track very hypnotizing, starting with 4 measure bass line, which is perpetuated along the whole track, with a few stops, where some specific chords from the original tracks intervene. If the remix begin kind a micro-minimal track, it ends with some melodic strings. A great track for a sunny day on the beach in my opinion...

B1. The third remix comes from one of the founders of Level Records, Daniel Fritschie. The track begins with a peaceful deep mood, at which a dark bass line is added. On this line, Daniel constructs a lot of sounds and groovy strings.

B2. Anders Ilar remix it should have been at the beginning of the release. It's like an intro into the atmosphere that this whole EP is about. A lot of sounds very well combined with chords and strings lines, with high pick clicks makes this track very homogeneous.

B3. The last track on this release is from Jeff Milligan aka Algorithm, coming from the Great Lakes Triangle: Toronto, Chicago and Detroit. It's like an outro for this release, it's like a sleeping journey. It has a chill atmosphere with a lot of strange sounds that appear from nowhere, with a few kicks to remind you that you are not sleeping in fact.

The whole idea of this release is a groovy - chill mood, with minimal sounds, funky lines, clicks and scratches, a little sound experience...

Oliver Hacke - Millepieds Remixe


Level Records




April 2006


May 8, 2006 at 2:40 PM CEST


Alex Mares

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