Defected in the House Miami:06

A mix especially made for those many house lovers who wanted to be at this years Winter Music Conference in Miami... but couldn't make it. This newest episode in the 'In The House'-series for Defected lets you taste from some of the newest productions in the house genre.

Excellent work, as always. Although few surprises, maybe. We may have been spoiled too much by Defected. Simon Dunmore, big boss at Defected handles the turntables for this new episode. And as always he does a decent job.

The first CD keeps it funky and discofied. Just a few picks from Dunmore's rich collection. It starts of with the excellent Ashley Beedle (The London Heavy Disco Review) with The Balloon Room. Pure new disco. What a great start for the album. And then Dimitri From Paris (aka The 'Uncrowned King of Disco') takes over. This, for sure is disco at its finest. Other highpoints of this first disc? I really dig Ian Pooley with the electrodisco tune 'Samo Iluzija'. The German still has the touch! And let's not forget 'Fish go deep'. It proves that defected dares to dig deeper from time to time. And that is worth mentioning. Not just a display of commercial tunes. Excellent vocals too. Mixed to perfection by the incredible Dennis Ferrer. The rest of the CD doesn't really appeal. Although 'Stuck' by Peven Everett can certainly grow on us.

The second CD brings what it is supposed to bring: Summer. What to say about the Reel People (who just had their album Second Guess re-released by Defected)? Their stuff is just awesome. The Muthafunkaz bring their 'In the Sun' even to a higher level. This is followed by Soul Central – Need you now (Sergio Flores remix). Sun drenched sax and piano. Much sunnier than the original. Nothing new... but appealing after all. From then, the second CD just flows on (even gets a little dull), till, surprise surprise, Dennis Ferrer hits in with 'Change the World'! Very funky/afro sounding guitar, excellent basstune an percussion. Nothing new from the man but raw quality. Maybe he can do one of the next ITH series (afro-stylee). Really feeling the summer here. This is followed by Afromento (Human Wave). A real choon, this! The vocals tend to make me think at 'Most precious love' by Blaze. But that doesn't spoil the fun. Fit for dancefloors (and sunny beaches) worldwide. The rest of this disc only has one downside: 'Front 2 back' by Playgroup. This really isn't my cup of tea. Luckily I was still drugged by Kerri Chandlers' So let the wind come. Wow (those xylophones!!). And '4 the love' accapella will never get boring.

The third CD jumps further on the bandwagon of electro-disco. All the time I was looking for 'Lindström' or 'Prince Thomas'. Shame they were not on this album! No need to spoil the fun though. A CD which starts with Julien Jabre (Swimming Places), excellently mixed by Jerome Sydenham, gets my support any days. Let me take you to Axwell and 'Watch the Sunrise', then. They could have placed the original 'hahaha mix' on this album but instead Dunmore chose for the Bob Sinclar mix. A missed chance! Next up 'Dj Yellow'. This track gets my stamp of approval as 'worst track of the album'. Nuff said. Luckily Danny Lewis' Ballistica eases the pain with some funky percussion. And then SUMO (in a remix by Claude Monnet who can't do anything wrong since his most terrific track 'Infancia Magica') And his remix of SUMOs' 'nini' is neat stuff. Has an eighties electro disco feel to it. And it's fucking great. Worth another mention? 'Discopolis' by Lifelike and Kris Menace. This tune caused a stir over Ibiza last summer. Absolutely astonishing tune. This has to become a BIG electro house Hit. No doubt about it. Originally came out of the independent French label Volture Records. And that is why Simon Dunmore managed to pick it up. Supér.

Overall opinion. The different angles of house are discovered on this album. Electrohouse, soulful stuff (fewer than last years), pure discohouse, oldskoolhouse, deep tunes, funky afro shit. Very diverse. Just the way we like it. Maybe two CDs were sufficient for this album. Quite some obsolete tunage on here. But no more complaints from my side. One gets three CDs filled with good house for a democratic price. Few surprises on the album, but most of all quality and diverse house music. A label that Defected has become to honour in all its latest releases.

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Defected in the House Miami:06


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March 21 2006


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