Chab - Lover (3D Remix)

Chab is a very well known remixer, being responsible for productions such as Gorillaz "Dare" & Röyksopp "Only This Moment" amongst others. The track Lover has been chosen for Satoshi Tomiie's Renaissance 3D Album (disc 2) and has created such a buzz that Satoshi himself decided to remix it.

The result is this double track EP, a main and a dub mix, both filtered by the Japanese unique style.

The 3D Dub mix is an amalgamation of sounds and kicks, going from progressive house to electro and eclectic underground techy vibes. Filled up with many synths and strings, the track unleashes a unique melody built upon a dark and frenetic rhythm.

The 3D Main mix brings in the front the vocals from the original version of Lover and makes the track more spicy and jazzy.

Satoshi started to work on this remix using Ableton Live and after testing it he decided to finish it in his studio from NYC and featured it on his Renaissance compilation. Taking all in all, these two tracks can be perfectly played in a late night session as well as in a warm up set. Quality good stuff signed by Saw Recordings!

Chab - Lover (3D Remix)


Saw Recordings


SAW 051


March 6 2006


May 2, 2006 at 10:55 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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