Umek - Posing As Me EP

Umek and Valentino Kanzyani's various record labels have been reasonably quiet of late due to distributor problems, but they are now back in operation - thanks to the well-received 'Lowis' by Anton X on Recycled Loops, and here with Umek's latest EP on their house orientated and tribal inspired Earresistible imprint.

The current tribal decline, coupled with the development in new electro components, is clearly represented in the direction of the 'Posing As Me EP' as Umek crafts a riff driven electro house package with significant crossover potential.

'Posing As Me' is an epic, big room track characterised by high-end synths and enveloping electronic riffs. Umek's unquestionable talent as a producer shines through at times; in particular with the clever vocal manipulation that accompanies the main beat. However, the main Miss Kitten styled vocal sequence is far from original and contributes very little to the overall feel. Gigantic drops will ensure that 'Posing As Me' will twist dancefloors well enough, and the slower tempo should make it more accessible to house DJ's and the mainstream market. Given support from the right DJ's this could go on to be successful, with the capability to generate a new fan base for the Slovenian producer. From a techno perspective though, this is ultimately a disappointing new direction from a usually remarkable talent.

'Scat Head' presents a more promising approach. Here Umek applies similar riff dynamics but instead combines them with more punchy and effective drums. Impressive sample experimentation adds further colour. But overall it again sounds unoriginal, borrowing big room electro synth lines and 'Rocker' inspired sound variations. Umek is a phenomenal DJ who knows how to work a dancefloor and as a result he creates moments within 'Scat Head', combining strong drum arrangements with energetic breaks, which make the record more enjoyable than it perhaps should be. It's refreshing to observe a producer try new ideas but unfortunately it doesn't always end in innovation. Compared with previous offerings like his excellent Mumps series on Tortured, the lack of quality in this EP is even more apparent.

Umek - Posing As Me EP


Earresistible Musick




March 2006


March 19, 2006 at 7:09 PM CET


Paul Pritchard

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