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Shine has played an important role in the promotion of techno music in the UK since its conception over 10 years ago. However its label, Shine Recordings, has never really matched the achievements of the night despite solid tracks from Justin Robertson and top remixes from the likes of Slam.

So by teaming up with Phil Kieran for their 8th release it should strengthen the profile of the label significantly. Phil Kieran's last contribution to the label - an energetic mix of 'Acid Rave Music' by Justin Robertson - went on to become one of Shine definitive anthems. Only time will tell whether this release can match his previous achievements.

The A side presentation 'Reject' is a rough, disco influenced techno groove that should easily work in a club environment thanks to tough unrelenting beats and groovy distorted sounds. Its overall shape projects images of a tougher, more dirty and straight up version of Soul Grabber's 'Motorcross Madness'. Unfortunately this means that it doesn't really contain any other qualities to extend its impact beyond the dancefloor - making it a short-term track with limited appeal.

'32 Reasons Why' on the flipside more than makes up for the limitations of the title track. Phil Kieran creates an incessant, irresistible, jacking party techno record with snapping percussion and a rolling, throbbing 1st Bass inspired undercurrent. The quirky instrumental layers generate a genuinely funky atmosphere and this theme is built upon through solid breakdowns. '32 Reasons Why' is a excellent techno track that provides enough diversity in its parts to appeal to experimental house DJ's and peak time techno fans alike. Its hypnotic bassline summarises everything that is still good with traditional techno, making it a welcome addition to the current techno market.

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Phil Kieran - Reject


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February 27 2006


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