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Suxul is a music, fashion and art conglomerate concept based in Germany and although both the fashion and art directions are interesting enough it is the music label that is causing the biggest buzz. The label's first release hit the shelves back in October with Jerome Pacman's remix of 'X-Ed' by Suxul Music.

Suxul Music are the production team of Elmar Schubert, Sugar Jim and Der Brane and the inventive approach of their productions to date suggest that both they and the label will feature in electronic music circles for a long time.

Schubert et al's original mix of 'Fancy' is a raw combination of vintage Chicago house elements and contemporary European sound tests. A strong bass foundation powers the groove, pushing it through various peaks before scientific sound developments transform the track via wild builds. The percussion is a harsh and uncompromising affair that confirms the dark techno origins of 'Fancy'. The general arrangement and atmosphere is close to the acclaimed 'Kanelbulle' by John and Jesper Dahlback and it should work just as well as a techno tool or an electronic house groove.

Jon Tejada's mix is a larger piece with more depth and character. The crisp drums and sweeping basslines are combined with various components throughout the track. Tejada's version develops through deep chords and desolate effects at the start, until it reaches intense acidic rumblings in the final part. It is Jon Tejada's mastery of the acid discipline that impresses most, but the way in which he merges these acidic features with brooding Detroit chord sequences is also a key feature of the remix. Once again Jon Tejada provides an unrivalled mix that defies classification.

Suxul Music - Fancy


Suxul Music




March 13 2006


March 19, 2006 at 7:01 PM CET


Paul Pritchard

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