Theo Parrish - Detroit Beatdown Remixes 1:2

The combination of Theo Parrish and Carl Craig (on remix duties) is as good as it gets for deep techno advancements. But no matter how good this prospect sounds on Third Ear paper, it doesn't even come close to describing just now remarkable this Carl Craig experiment sounds in audio format.

Hiroshi Watanabe's London based label Third Ear began the Detroit Beatdown project last year to showcase music inspired by the original spirit and vibe of Detroit. It was on this compilation that Theo Parrish's dreamy 13-minute trip 'Falling Up' was first presented. With this updated version Carl Craig has added his own interpretations via trademark Motor City strings and jazzy keys alongside sparse percussion. And as a result, his remix has reintroduced the Detroit Beatdown project to a whole new audience in considerable style.

'Falling Up' effortlessly integrates Carl Craig's obsessions with darkness and light. The brooding bass structure, minimal percussive touches and renowned claps consume the opening sequences. The introduction of sweet keys and developing strings, together with uplifting horns, in the middle section, compete with the darkness by splashing colour across the composition. It is this competition that generates the unique, dramatic and timeless qualities of Craig's creation.

This is incomparable, stripped down perfection from a truly gifted scientist.

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Theo Parrish - Detroit Beatdown Remixes 1:2


Third Ear


3EEP 038


November 2005


March 19, 2006 at 6:48 PM CET


Paul Pritchard

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