Filterheadz - Endless Summer

After completing the previous releases on the label Love Distortion, the two brothers from Filterheadz (Bert & Maarten Wilmers) made their third release on the label. 'Endless Summer' features two tracks, an original mix and a remix from the Canadian Max Graham. Known for their ability of creating original mixes and remixes, the two producers come up now with an unedited progressive trance progressive, one to be followed.

Original mix is the first track fillep up with energy, a heavy bass line, likely to a massive techno production. The melodic line is pretty simple, but pleasant and warm, but it's the vocal part that keeps awake the interest with a sweet atmosphere of melody and warmness.

Max Graham remix starts with some abstract sounds and the same vocals arrangement as in the original mix. The bass line is softer here, going into a progressive direction of music. Some glitch influences can be found on the remix, as well as the effects made with the synthesizer Roland TB-303, known on progressive and acid house productions.

At the end we have two tracks, one which can easily be included on a main set and another one for and afterhours. Love Distortion promises big things with each new release of these brothers.

Filterheadz - Endless Summer


Love Distortion




March 2006


March 13, 2006 at 11:22 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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