Lostep - Because We Can

You certainly didn't forget Lostep's Burma from Sasha's Involvermix album. The duo consisting in the Australians Luke Chable and Phil K has just finished their artist album called Because We Can with a release on the much acclaimed Global Underground. After nearly two years, the album is ready to hit the scores.

When The Roots came up with that awesome breaks pattern, the single has received a massive response worldwide, and after that Burma delivered another astonishing more than ten minutes of pure rhythm and melody. After completing this album, the guys seem to be satisfied by their work which consists in many experiments upon music and electronic sounds.

With 12 tracks, Because We Can follows a nice trajectory, from strange synths and samples, to breaks, electro stuff and back to some progressive house. Opening with a deep intro named 6 AM Sedna, the album hits with a sweet melodic breaks, Theme From A Fairytale, also included in a 12" package together with the track Because We Can. The atmosphere is growing from ups and downs, from another interlude to Naughty, but it's the track which gives the name of the album that delivers a fantastic energy. With a massive bass line and some rambling synths, the track Because We Can unchains a terrific dynamism in a night club – excellent piece of work! Being one of the best experiments ever that a duo known as progressive / breaks ambassadors has ever made, this track opens the doors to some new goodies, such as Little Peaking or Dr King's Surgery. And off course it's time to go back to the memorable Burma anthem that created a huge buzz worldwide in 2004. Before the album ends, there is one more track to be mentioned here, one that features an excellent breaks pattern with a deep melodic line and massive bass lines. This is Villain, a track that surrounds Chable's type of production, especially if we analyze the kick...

Once again, the label with one of the longest stories and best reputation worldwide, Global Underground, delivered awesome music by this new album CD with the imprint of the two Australian guys hailing from Melbourne, Lostep. This summer is anticipated with massive new releases, some which will bring something else, new types of music and sounds and different manners of understanding and perceiving electronic music.

Lostep - Because We Can


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May 2 2006


March 13, 2006 at 11:14 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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