Dave Seaman pres. Group Therapy - Faith Again

Dave Seaman started 2006 filled with energy, as the latest release from Therapy Music proves it. Faith Again contains three tracks made up together by many producers, which are Dave Seaman, Chad Jackson, Steve Anderson and the vocalist Natalie Leonard, the one which imprint her strong and awesome voice upon the track "My Own Worst Enemy".

The A1 version is the original mix, a solid progressive house track with a splendid string unleashing some profound melodic lines. This is no doubt a very piece of strong progressive music, a proof that still you can be delighted by the progy sound. The astonishing vocals are coming right when needs, and a breakdown with a melodic temper takes the listener to a euphoric sense and gives him back with a massive kick and bass line.

The second mix from the 12'' is the Luke Chable vocal mix, a very electro tune. A strong rhythm makes the start and some electronic bass lines are entering one by one in order to create a perfect pattern for a club session. Also some vocal whispers are giving an effect of mystery and more energy.

It's obvious that Luke Chable made a new experiment by remixing in such a way a classic progressive house tune. The dub mix seems to be the right choice for playing in a late night club. No vocals, no deep melodies, just a dirty electro bass line and a cool rhythm.

Together with his team, Dave Seaman really made his debut as a producer for this year with such a nice release. And this is not because of his name, but especially the remix really has a crush on the listeners. It's very sexy, actual and tumultuous. It's Faith Again, a release to be mentioned.

Dave Seaman pres. Group Therapy - Faith Again


Audio Therapy


AT 025


January 30 2006


March 13, 2006 at 10:46 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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