Seductive Beatz feat. Gay Joy - My Drug

The project Seductive Beatz is Martin Accorsi himself, which has just released a new track with Gay Joy on Tweek'd Records. My Drug contains four tracks, from which two Accorsi's versions.

The original mix is a very massive tune, a tribal with electro bass lines and hard snares. The kick pattern gives it all and provides an awesome energy. Very needed in a club session!

The dub mix is not very different than the original mix, only that the vocals are missing and a few sounds have a different arrangement.

Another dark tribal mix is Austin Leeds mix who builds up a totally quirky track with some dizzy synths and a special pattern of grooves. By all its length, this tune has a special vibe in it, very dark and deep, some sexy futuristic tribals and a strange bass line, also deep.

The jazzy version from this package is the last one, Leeds vs Housetrap remix. Together with Housetrap, Austin Leeds make a different and nice electro track, containing not only a sexy shaking vocal but also some electro bass lines, giving by this manner the "drug" to the listeners.

Good in the club and home listening, the four tracks from My Drug put together a pretty good release, so the name Martin Accorsi is one to be watched for the future.

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Seductive Beatz feat. Gay Joy - My Drug


Tweek\'d Records




February 2006


March 13, 2006 at 10:36 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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