Robert G. Roy - So Much Better

The Slovenian DJ and producer Robert G. Roy made his debut with Underground, track released on Harlequin Recordings Group. Not only a remixer and producer but also a DJ, Robert has been seen on biggest parties in Slovenia, Servia, Italy and Croatia. His activity of producer goes further since he has just released on Earresistible Musick a three tracks package called So Much Better.

Mixed and mastered at Earresistible studio by Valentino Kanzyani and Gregor Zemljic, the entire tracks have a unique melodic line and a distinguished vocal, also belonging to Robert G. Roy. The very trancey original mix brings in the focus the powerful vocals of G. Roy and a progressive kick pattern with typical bass line and a strong atmospheric string. Not as energetic as Valentino's remix, but anticipating a good will from the producer, the crowd can have a real bounce on this party tune.

Valentino Kanzyani remix is the other version, this time more profound and polished. The vocals are not so prominent; the melodic lines are almost the same but the atmosphere it's totally changing, going into a night club session. Good breakdown with melody, the vibe restarts when the kick comes back to strike.

The best polished version is the instrumental remix made also by Kanzyani. Actually is the same tune as the previous, only that the vocals are missing on this version.

Call it progressive, or progressive trance, it doesn't matter – call it dance music. And this is what Valentino Kanzyani and his mates (Robert G. Roy is one to be followed) are doing, providing from the Eastern Europe quality dance tunes.

Robert G. Roy - So Much Better


Earresistible Musick




March 2006


February 16, 2006 at 12:31 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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