Saeed Younan - Re-mixed

Saeed & Palash – a duo that faced the music metamorphoses upon time. Now there's only one of them that made a pretty good job on the record label Star 69. He is Saeed Younan with his new Re-mixed mix album, one CD encompassing only his original productions and remixes.

The mix starts with the remix for Patrocinio Beltran – Too Far, a warm tribal progressive and continues with a jazzy and sweet vocal tribal mix for Suzanne Palmer, the track called Sound of the Drum. And from this moment, the energy starts to unleash, launching pure vibes of tribal house music. The sexy mother fu#$%^ beats of Stephan M and Nicky Scann featuring Nadia – Go Deeper or the rough tribals from the next remix for BPT feat. DM Binxter. Saeed's Tock The Rhythm consists in a simple and tribalistic track, continuing with a dirty dark remix to Ariel G's Behold Malfunction. The tracks are flowing; dance music can be felt from the beginning till the end of the album. Only that this constant rhythm starts to drive my crazy at a given moment. But, there are also some vocals, some new riffs, and wait! there's another kick pattern, new melody, new...I listen once again, the second part gives out some dark tribal house, with remixes for C&M Production and Celeda (this track is unreleased yet). There's a strange feeling of summer, beach and warm blue water when you listen to this wicked music, combined with another feeling of intense energy in a late night club session where everybody is dancing and is bouncing on the tribal house music, and as a ritual, you shake your head in the sense of these dirty beats.

Dance dance baby! Saeed did it once again! After a while, it's time for this dady house music DJ to rock with a new mix album, which is Re-mixed.

Saeed Younan - Re-mixed


Star 69 Records


STAR 5531-2


November 15 2005


February 15, 2006 at 5:08 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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